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Can you tell I'm a technophile?

WB Grab 1024×768Under the Hood

Amiga 2000 (rev. 6.2 motherboard)
  • 35MHz PP&S 68040 (24.9 MIPS, 6.3 MFLOPS, 23850 Dhrystones)
  • 32MB 32-bit RAM, 2MB Chip RAM, 128MB virtual memory (VMM 3.3)
  • Kickstart 40.63, Workbench 40.35 [KS 3.1 (Sept 1993 ROM), WB 3.1]


  • 2.1 GB Quantum Atlas XP32150 (SCSI-2)
  • 1 GB IOmega Jaz drive (SCSI-2)
  • Toshiba CD-ROM (1X)
  • 1.76MB 3.5" floppy drive


  • Sony CPD-1430 Trinitron Multiscan HG 14" monitor
  • Picasso II high resolution display card with 2MB RAM, and CyberGraphX 24-bit display driver software.


  • Zenith 19" TV (input from Amiga, DCTV, and VCR)
  • RCA 4 Head HiFi Stereo VCR (output to TV and DCTV digitizer)
  • DCTV display enhancer and video digitizer (input from VCR)
  • PerfectSound 3 (input from TV, CD player and microphone)


  • SupraFAXmodem 33.6K (see Supra Corp.), using Holger Kruse's superb TCP/IP stack Miami for my internet connection
  • Epson Stylus Color with Endicor 24-bit printer drivers
  • Lexmark Optra S 1250 (1200 DPI, PCL6, PostScript 2) laser
  • GVP ioEnhancer high speed serial (2) and parallel (1) ports
  • Boing! Optical Mouse (same as Sun's optical mice)
  • APC (American Power Conversion) Back-UPS 400

And what I do with my Amiga...

  • Software development on the Amiga:
    • WebLord is my latest software offering. Version 2 is close to release...
    • KingFisher is a software cataloging and search tool whose original focus was Fred Fish's Fish Disks but now includes extensive support for Fred's CD-ROM collection as well as any collection of software. Why not check it out?
    • The Amiga Online Reference Manual Tool (AORM Tool) was a collaborate effort with David Tiberio (AmiSpider et al.). Since David didn't come through with his end of the bargain, I've decided to release the program as Open Source...
    • I'm also working intermittently on several small projects which I may or may not care to finish; if I do finish them, I'll release them to Aminet, of course.

    My choice of editor? Gnuemacs, of course!

  • I also use my Amiga for a variety of every-day activities:
    • document preparation,
    • internet access as a client and operating my Amiga as a server.
      If you're interested, these are the most crucial networking components that I use:
      • TCP/IP stack: Miami by Holger Kruse -- from download to active PPP connection in less than 10 minutes. Awesome support, too!
      • Web Browser: AWeb by Yvon Rozijn; and occasionally IBrowse and Voyager, too.
      • FTP: AmiFTP by Magnus Lilja,
      • Telnet: VLT by Willy Langeveld with telser.device by Sam Yee.
      • httpd: Apache (what else?)
    • image processing for both fun and work-related projects,
    • 3D rendering & animation,
    • and, of course, the occasional game of Nethack (hey, Nethack 3.2 is mighty nice on a 1024×768 screen!)

  • In November 1993 I created the Picasso Graphics Board Mailing List to bring together other users of Village Tronic's graphics board which at the time was just beginning to get really popular. Due to a change in employment the list was graciously taken over by the famous Fred Fish in October 1996 and is now running on Cronus' site. You can join the list by sending an email with subscribe picasso in the message body to the address; this will get you instructions on how to post to the list, how to unsubscribe again, etc.
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